03 December 2021

ABCD-End is a love story compilation that was written into songs. Both personal and universal, it narrates the ending of the relationship in 4 chapters. Through the story of falling in love. fighting. breaking up and saying goodbye.

The EP was mainly created by ABRAM and Tintin. producer-songwriters duo from Indonesia and their fellow musicians. Their sound can be characterized by
honest lyrics combined with a catchy melody layered over melancholic beats.

Over the past 5 vears, the two have worked together since they met in Berkce College of Music. Boston. Tint in who has a perfect sense of melody blends really well with ABR AM who goes decp in his production.

ABCD-Ind fcatures a collaboration with Indonesian Artists Agatha Chelsea. Barsena Bestandhi. Chintana Jo and Deanda Puter

Sol Fa Mi is the first song of the EP. Here we colaborated with Agatha Chelsea. It is a song about teenage love--the ups and the downs. the twists and turns. The sweetness of falling in love. the bitterness of uncertainty and most of all. the beauty in getting lost in a youthful romance.



Written and Produce by ABRAM & Tintin

Lyrics by : 

Alexander Hong


Abram A Lembono

Pieter Anroputra